What is LOOOP?

LOOOP is a place for Generative artists and Creative coders to learn, be inspired, iterate, explore, create, share and more. Get up and running in a matter of seconds by using a template or by forking an existing project.

The goal

There's a bunch, but the overarching goal is to enable users of all levels to be more productive.

Using templates or forking an existing project will help you get going, but behind each project is the project history where LOOOP has recorded every step of the project creation. This allows users to go back in time and explore, play around with the code and even fork from that point. It also allows for a timelapse-esque playback so you can see how a project has evolved from start to finish.

And of course there's the Timeline. Although it's not mandatory to use, it can really help speed up iterations. Whether used for full blown animations, or minimally and combined with generative techniques, it can really help save hours of time or help in the discovery of something amazing that you may not have discovered otherwise.


LOOOP began about 4 years ago simply as a way to help with creating animated loops. The Timeline UI is a way to visualise this, but we've created a library called looop.js which does the heavy lifting.

More to come!

LOOOP is currently in a beta stage, which basically means there's lots more coming soon! Among various UX and UI improvements we'll also be adding a video export feature which will allow users to export their projects to various media formats (MP4, gif, etc).

We also plan to have a project export feature which will allow users to download their project and run it locally, or wherever they wish.

There's a whole bunch of other ideas we have in the pipeline, so watch this space, or follow us on twitter to stay in the looop.

Finally, we really want your feedback to help steer this ship, so please do get in touch and let us know if you have any ideas, questions or issues.