Project history

The project history has a few handy use cases. Screen recording is a great way for others to see and learn how your project has evolved. The project history feature gives a similar output (but waaaaay better!), as you can jump back to the beginning, press play and sit back. However, unlike a static screen recording, you can pause at any point, inspect the code, play around with the project, and even fork it 😎.

Also, you can come back to a project at any time and "undo" code changes one by one (all the way back to the beginning if you so wish!), or scroll through and click to jump to that point in time. This is handy as there may be a point at which you would like to fork from, so rather than deleting line after line of code, you can jump back to that point instead.

Screenshot of the project history section in the app


You can jump to the beginning or the end of the project, or go one step at a time. Pressing the play button will begin moving forwards one step at a time, and of course you can pause whenever you like.

When you edit a file and you're not at the most recent change in the history, you'll see a modal giving you some options. If you selected an option other than fork, then the info button will become active, and if you click it, it will remind you of which option you have selected.

After a little play this should all makes sense, but if not do get in touch 😬

Coming soon...

To enhance this even more, we'll soon be adding flags / milestones (name tbc) with comments. This will allow you to jump between key moments in the project and see comments from the author.

There will also be some UX improvements, allowing users to control the playback speed, and (maybe!?) allowing authors to control / edit the recorded actions.